OPERA IX “Call Of The Wood” /Super Jewel Box CD/

Second remastered re-release of the debut full-length album by Italian Occult Black Metal band.
Opera IX was always more than a straight-forward Black Metal band, mixing elements of Doom & Death Metal with symphonic elements. Their second demo from 1992 showed amazing progress, revealed their new direction toward ambient Doom/Death Metal, and became one of the hottest tape-trading items on the Underground Metal circuit that year. Following the addition of keyboard player Silent Bard, the band began delving deeper into Classical music and Gothic nuances as well, eventually bringing all of these many influences together on its 1995 debut album, "The Call Of The Wood".
This album is still regarded as a milestone in the Italian scene because it brought in something particular, personal and also damned fascinating. This album features some of the most occult and mysterious songs ever done in Italy, taking influences from the early Doom Metal acts, filtrated through the Black Metal and something concerning a very first embryonic form of Folk (a few overtures and nothing more because the overall atmosphere is incredibly gloom and occult). The songs are all lengthy, especially the first track, but what really gets the listener is Cadaveria’s vocals, which are completely unique and add a lot of depth to the already unmistakably atmospheric music. In that way, and in many other ways, Opera IX stands out from the stream of generic Black Metal acts in the mid-90s. Another thing that strikes is the number of mellow, clean parts. When the tempo isn’t going down for some slow and heavy power chords, you can expect some awesome acoustic parts, often combined with a soft bass line and even a flute (!). The flute parts are beautiful and add a very special touch to the music, like everything else anyway. All these aspects make "The Call Of The Wood" such a creative release with lots and lots of variety within it.
Re-edition contains two bonus tracks!
One of the most unique and successful Italian bands of the 1990s!!
Opera IX debuted with a semi-masterpiece of Occult Black Metal and this album is highly recommended, apart from being one of the immortal milestones!!!
Peaceville Records, 1994/2009 (CDVILED223). Made in UK.

1. Alone In The Dark     18:13 
2. Esteban's Promise     6:53 
3. The Call Of The Wood     11:06 
4. Al Azif     8:40 
5. Sepulcro     13:39 
Bonus Tracks:
6. Born In The Grave     5:02 
7. Rhymes About Dying Stones     4:20
Total playing time: 67:53

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