ONSLAUGHT "Killing Peace" /CD/

South American release of the fourth full-length album by cult British Thrash Metal Band.
This is not just a comeback. It's total annihilation! It's catchy, melodic, aggressive, atmospheric and has just about everything that need an ideal Metal album. Fifteen years of silence hasn't stopped Onslaught from returning to their destructive invasion of Thrash madness. The relentless strike of guitar domination is formulated by Alan Jordan and Nige Rockett's unlimited arsenal of memorable Thrash riffs and roasting solos. The solos are usually energetic, fast and are basically what you'd expect in a Thrash album, though at times they do go into a more melodic, yet eerie mode. The riffs sound fresh and crisp, yet they adapt to Onslaught's Speedy Thrash roots easily and sound great when played. Drummer Steve Grice performs on the same impeccable plateau of mastery that his admirable members shine upon. Grice's pure percussion talent lights up this record when the dexterous drummer applies hyper-speed double bass kicks or unearthly fills to this awe-inspiring model of Metal. Sy Keeler's grand return to Onslaught is nothing short of extraordinary. The energetic vocalist follows the classic Thrash singing style by using aggressive vocal tones and rapid lyric ejections. There are several significant vocal junctures throughout this record, from high pitched screams to low pitched growls, this guy has some insane vocals!
One thing that makes this album stand out from most other Thrash albums is the eerie atmosphere. Everything is crystal clear, yet it doesn’t sound over produced. Nothing gets too high or low in the mix. The album sounds very raw at times but without making the listener struggle to make out what's going on. Musically speaking, this is a total Thrash offensive! Isn't it amazing how Onslaught can still impress after being away from the Metal scene for such a long time? "Killing Peace" isn't just one of Onslaught's best releases, but a golden example of how comeback albums should sound!! This is a must for Thrash fans, Onslaught lovers, and those who are interested in this legendary band!! Highly recommended!!!
DioRecords, 2007 (DR-03). Made in Brazil. First press.

1. Burn 04:51
2. Killing Peace 03:37
3. Destroyer of Worlds 05:55
4. Pain 04:08
5. Prayer for the Dead 05:39
6. Tested to Destruction 04:44
7. Twisted Jesus 06:16
8. Planting Seeds of Hate 05:00
9. Shock 'n' Awe 03:57
Total playing time: 44:07

Samples: http://www.last.fm

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