6th full-length album from Norwegian Melodic Black Metal legend.
Galder (current DIMMU BORGIR guitarist) and company are back with some more hymns of blasphemy! Slick production, tight musicianship and stellar guitars riffs make this another classic black metal album that will definitely go alongside the greats of Dimmu Borgir, Emperor and Marduk! Recorded and mixed at Studio Fredman, Gothernburg (Sweden).
Century Media Records, 2005 (77558-2)

1.Enslaved And Condemned 04:15
2.The Plague Of Sorrow 04:09
3.War Of Fidelity 04:19
4.In Torment's Orbit 05:04
5.Lord Of Command (Bringer Of Hate) 04:51
6.The Flames Of Deceit 04:39
7.Black Marvels Of Death 04:22
8.Twilight Damnation 04:42
9....As Evil Descends 01:11
Total playing time: 37:32

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