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OBITUARY “Frozen In Time” /LP/

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The sixth full-length album by legendary American Death Metal band.
The band's first album in eight years since 1997's "Back From The Dead", and the last to feature guitarist Allen West. Longtime contributor Scott Burns temporarily reunited with Obituary and became their producer for this album. It was 11 years since he co-produced Obituary's 1994 album "World Demise". This was also the last album he co-produced for the band.
The return of Obituary in 2005 came as a surprise, for the band hadn't been active since the mid-'90s. They sort of petered out after "World Demise" in 1994, releasing the ho-hum "Back From The Dead" in 1997 and then calling it a day as the band members busied themselves elsewhere, most visibly as guitarist Allen West enjoyed a lot of success in Six Feet Under. Obituary's reunion album, "Frozen in Time", wasn't only a surprise because of the long absence, though. It also came as a surprise because it's so darn good, up there with the best the band ever recorded, even in their heyday. Clocking in at a brisk ten songs in 35 minutes, "Frozen in Time" is a perfect Obituary album - almost so perfect it invites such criticisms as "more of the same". But more of the same is perfectly fine when it's done this well, especially for longtime fans nostalgic for the good ol' days of Death Metal.
Obituary never were a band to push the boundaries, after all - Avant-garde Death Metal they were not. Then again, there was a day when they were cutting-edge, that is, way back in 1989 when they debuted with "Slowly We Rot", a trailblazing statement for its time and one that inspired a legion, if not legions, of followers. In subsequent years Obituary kept doing what they do well, even as they became increasingly passé with time. Yet passé or not, they do what they do especially well on "Frozen In Time". The pummeling guitar tandem of West and Trevor Peres shines brilliantly, each of them co-penning half the album respectively. Vocalist John Tardy sounds as wicked as he did back in the day, his trademark growl still intact despite the years of wear and tear. And the rhythm section sounds perfectly integrated, partly thanks to Mark Prator's first-rate production (and that trademark Morrisound mixing courtesy of the maestro himself, Scott Burns). There's really no need to go on about the details of how the band sounds here, though - it sounds like Obituary, plain and simple. What's important to know is that the guys really seem into it here, writing killer songs, benefiting from the best production out there, and playing their asses off. If it sounds like "more of the same", that's the point. After one album in a decade, it's a blessing to have Obituary back together and sounding this stellar. If you're a fan - new or old - you'll absolutely love "Frozen In Time"! It's as good if not better than any of the band's other albums. It's so good, in fact, the title could well refer to the sound of the band: sounding as if Death Metal were still as vibrant and exciting as it was back in the early to mid-'90s!!
Comes with printed inner sleeve.
Roadrunner Records/Cargo Records, 2005/2011 (RRCAR 8156-1). Made in Germany. First press. 180 Gram Vinyl.


1. Redneck Stomp 
2. On The Floor 
3. Insane
4. Blindsided 
5. Back Inside

6. Mindeat
7. Stand Alone
8. Slow Death
9. Denied
10. Lockjaw

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