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NUCLEAR SIMPHONY “Lost In Wonderland” /Ltd. LP/

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Second re-release of the debut full-length studio album by Italian Thrash Metal band.
Groundbreaking debut album, that vaulted this obscure Sicilian band to the head of the Southern European Thrash Metal scene back in 1989!
Welcome one of the oldest Metal acts from Italy, a bunch of wayward musicians from the beautiful sunny island of Sicily, who started in the distant 1982 under the name Galax. A string of demos peppered their career throughout the 80’s, nicely illustrating the evolution from a basic Heavy Metal outfit to an accomplished Thrash Metal one; persistence which culminated on this album. 
Thrash Metal had become the dominant Metal genre at the end of the decade, and the Italian scene needed more representatives outside the more aggressive Black/Proto-Death-prone “atrocities” of Bulldozer, Necrodeath, and Schizo. Nuclear Simphony here nicely responded to those appeals with this highly entertaining opus which is based around lengthy, Progressively-tinged compositions, which stay in the vicinity of the Bay-Area (Heathen, Testament, Forbidden) and a few European acts (like Apocalypse and Mandator).
The band have done a fairly good job here bridging the gap between the more orthodox representatives (Creepin’ Death, Outrage, Animal Farm, Loadstar) and the Technical/Progressive Thrash movement (Jester Beast, Braindamage, Headcrasher, Maskim) in their homeland that had started shaping up really nicely at the time. Their saga was not meant to end with just this instalment, they had the blueprints for a second full-length nearly completed (the 1991 promo tape), but for some mysterious reason they never fully materialized…
Limited Edition to 100 copies Yellow Vinyl with printed inner sleeve.
Zolfo, a division of Qanat Records, 1989/2016 (QNTLP02). Made in Italy.


1. Mister I.D.G.A.F. 6:16
2. Lustful For Disaster 5:37
3. Cry 2:30
4. Evil Spray 6:02

1. Mimmo The Bull 4:57
2. Where Eagles Reign 5:01
3. Rapsody Of Sadness 1:46
4. Create Your Destiny 5:48
5. Die For Your Flag 6:10

Total playing time: 44:07 min.

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