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NUCLEAR AGGRESSOR “Slow Dismemberment” /CD/

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The second full-length album by Italian Thrash Metal band.
A heap of pure f***in’ raw Thrash Metal!
Following the success got by the debut album "Condemned To Rot" (2013), this Italian trio, evolved of the ashes of Violent Assault, pulls no punches in its raw, ferocious attack during these 10 songs with their second album. Picture early Kreator and Cyclone going through a tug of war and that's what songs such as "Domination of the Sheep" and "Bliss of the Razor" bring to mind. Relentless, unyielding tempos, caustic vocals, pummeling bass and the guitar blitzkrieg with subtle relief before the next salvo crushes your soul - Nuclear Aggressor live up to their namesake. Not for the weak and weary, this one strikes to the heart of early Thrash Metal, and will leave you in a pool of blood or sweat.
Straight in your face Raw obscure nihilistic Thrash Metal!!
Punishment 18 Records, 2016 (P18R111). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Chernoblast 03:23 
2. Slow Dismemberment 04:38 
3. Domination of the Sheep 04:15 
4. Annihilation of Life 02:52 
5. Wasted Nuclear Youth 03:06 
6. Death to the Hangman 04:30 
7. Cardiaco acciaio 04:11 
8. I Wish You Dead 03:56 
9. Bliss of the Razor 04:08 
10. My Last Pulsation 08:08
Total playing time: 43:11

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