NORD'N'COMMANDER "Hermeneutics" /CD/

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New CD of Russian band NORD'N'COMMANDER - Invading anxious wanderings of black metal
conglomerate with archaic melodies of folk flute and ambient parts. Meditation keyboard interludes,
sounds of battles, allusions to totalitarian marches, mysterious litanies of twilight voices flare up
amid raging blackened metal, like northern lights...
More Hate Productions, 2004 (MHP 05-033)

1.The Omen I'm In...
2.Ein Vorzeichen Des Kommenden
4.Journey To The Pole Of Archetypes
5.Desolate Thalweg
6.To The Abyss Of Boiling Blood
7.Mistress Of The Ferry / A V Nashego Shuma
8.Drifting Into Pessimistical Sleep
9.Schlaff In Allem... 
post scriptum
10.War (tribute to BURZUM)
11.Crystal Mountain (tribute to DEATH)
12.Brothers Of Metal (tribute to MANOWAR)

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