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NOFX "Never Trust A Hippy" /MCD/

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    Band: NOFX
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Used: good.

The fifth EP by American Punk Rock band.
A snarky snack to tide over the skate Punks awaiting the release of "Wolves in Wolves' Clothing". Six new songs mocking yuppie liberals, aging Punks and that guy with a beer on the cover... NOFX readily admit that they will probably be going to hell for this EP... 6 new tunes, 2 of which from the upcoming album "Wolves In Wolves' Clothing".
Fans of NOFX's earlier material, dating as far back as "Ribbed And White Trash...", will be pleased to find out that most of the songs on this EP sound similar to songs recorded during that era. The only difference would be in the lyrics; instead of writing about lesbians and boobs, the majority of the songs is political in nature or is speaking out against religious extremism.
Overall, this is a wonderful listen, everything from the hilarious cover art, to the lyrical content, to the classic NOFX sound we all know and love. If the new album "Wolves in Wolves' Clothing" sounds anything like this, then we are in for a treat!
Fat Wreck Chords, 2006 (FAT708-2). Used: good.

1. Seing Double At The Triple Rock 2:09
2. The Marxist Brothers 2:47
3. Golden Boys 2:47
4. You're Wrong 2:06
5. Everything In Moderation (Especially Moderation) 1:23
6. I'm Going To Hell For This One 1:53
Total playing time: 13:05


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