Re-release of the third full-length album by Russian Doom Metal band.
The band´s latest album (the only album with the English song titles, and sung in English) has been re-released again through Stormspell Records as re-mastered by Igor Samoylov, after 15 years since its original release. There´s no need to say even, but everyone who has been hunting all these rare, hard-to-find items down for years, subscribe to the hard fact that Stormspell Records is really doing a fine job by bringing these rare Metal gems out to the daylight again. Novoy Zavet´s "Apocalypse", is naturally one of those releases.
Novoy Zavet does their own thing well on this record, having a good grip on catchy, melodic, strong and heavy song arrangements. It´s a real enjoyment to listen to this album, and simply get hooked by it. The music played on the album is overall Novoy Zavet´s best asset due to all crispness, heaviness and catchiness in the songs.
"Apocalypse" contains 7 songs + intro of traditional Doom Metal spiced with Heavy Metal overtones, into vein of early Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass, Memory Garden and the like.
Remastered re-edition contains new artwork and pit-art!
StormSpell Records, 1994/2009 (SSR-DY32). Made in USA. Pressed in Japan.

1. Intro     01:01
2. Legions of Death     05:52
3. Night of the Last Pain     06:01
4. The Number of the Death     05:38 
5. Men of Fire     05:27
6. Werewolves     04:06
7. Apocalypse     05:39 
8. Decline of Zarathustra     05:08
Total playing time: 38:52

Samples:  http://www.lastfm

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