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NEGATIVE "Karma Killer" /CD/

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    Band: NEGATIVE
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Used: very good.

The fourth full-length album by the Finnish Glam Rock band.
This album has more Hard Rock songs compared to their predecessors off of their previous albums. Lyrically as it goes most of the songs come across as fighting through decisions, love, emotional pain, and sick and tired of people. The vocals on Karma Killer are outstanding you actually hear more vocal ranges from Jonne Aaron in this album. The drums are very simple but yet still affective. The bass guitar is there but it’s hardly noticeable, but if they didn’t have the bass you would notice something is missing. The guitars have stand out power chords in this album which gives about half of the album a Hard Rock feel to it, the guitar work doesn’t have as many solos but the work is very melodic and it fits in great. Same as the pianos, melodic and fits in great.
If you’ve heard of HIM and or The 69 eyes you’ve probably stumbled across Negative. All three bands are the top Rock bands from Finland. Now if you’ve heard of HIM and or The 69 Eyes and you think they’re god awful for whatever reason. Then this may not change your opinion of Negative even before hearing the music, even after that Negative has their own sound. So try not to judge this music until you’ve heard it. If you listen to the album or a few songs, you’ll most likely get a true opinion on the album and or band. Plus that the only reason why they are similar to HIM and The 69 Eyes is lyrical theme, and they’ve supported them on tours before. Also vocally as it goes it’s not baritone. The genre isn’t Love Metal or Goth N’Roll, it’s actually more Glam Rock than anything!!
It’s an excellent album, all of it’s worth the listen. Again they have their own sound, vocally as it goes it isn’t baritone as HIM or The 69 Eyes. But for you to have a legit opinion on the album and band you can’t listen just to one song and go with the mainstream opinion, you more or less have to listen to about 3 songs to get an opinion. So check it out it’s not as bad as you think it maybe!!
Hype Records, 2008 (HYPECD33). Used: very good.

1. A Devil On My Shoulder 3:48
2. Sealed 3:18
3. Won't Let Go 3:42
4. Motherfucker (Just Like You) 3:51
5. Giving Up! 5:01
6. An Ornament 5:59
7. Dead As We 3:40
8. Anna Simona 4:12
9. Lust N' Needs 3:10
10. Gravity Of Love 8:57
Total playing time: 45:38


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