NAZGHOR “Through Darkness And Hell” /CD/

The third full-length album by the Swedish Black Metal band.
Swedish anti-cosmic Black Metal in praise of Satan! Cold and melodic pure Swedish style!!
Nazghor once again prove, that their creative output is on its peak at the moment. After a short intro, this hellish horde unleashes nine tracks of freezing darkness and destruction over us. The first track "Cursed And Unblessed" is a melodic Black Metal hymn, a lot bands around would like to call its own. Freezing, blistering guitars of guitarists Armageddor and Angst, fast, precise drumming and pounding double-bass attacks of drum machine Rimfrost and the harsh vocals of Nekhrid build the basis for their own sound, which has a high recall value in the meantime, especially because of the unique vocals. The changes in their style are on a minimum level at a first view, but while listening to the material more carefully, the development into a more melodic direction, with a lot of melodies, already started on their last album, really stands out now. Especially the third track "The Infallible God" is by far the best track, the band has written and especially the melody line and also the partly clear spoken vocals are combined to a real remarkable hymn. "Bathe In Ashes" sounds like their own little homage to the mighty Dissection.
Again, you can order the CD directly from the band via their facebook page for ten EUR including shipping or do it here and right now! But be quick, as again only 500 copies have been pressed!!
Over an hour of well-executed Swedish Black Metal!!!
Black Plague Records/Metallic Media, 2014 (BPR036 / METALLIC 031). Made in USA. First press.

1. Vocum Inferis 02:31
2. Cursed and Unblessed 04:21
3. The Infallible God 04:19
4. Bathe In Ashes 07:09
5. Unilluminated 04:28
6. A Once Starless Oath 08:47
7. Vita et Dissolvo 01:57
8. From the Womb of Tartaros 03:51
9. Infestation the Flesh the Blood the Ritual 09:21
10. Through Darkness and Hell 14:40
Total playing time: 61:24

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