Re-release of the third full-length album by the Ukrainian Melodic Pagan/Folk Metal band.
This Melodic Folk/Black/Pagan Metal sextet from Kyiv, has already a pretty long history behind them, which dates back to 1999 when the first seeds of the band were sowed in the ground, at that time under the Fangorn moniker though (which, however, was quite soon changed to its current name, Natural Spirit). The band released their debut album, titled "Ruskolun" in 2004, on their own as a limited edition, that was soon re-released with some bonus stuff on the Russian label More Hate Productions in summer 2005.
"Sita Rosa", Natural´s Spirit´s second album, has now been released on both Russian label Sound Age and rising American label Stormspell Records. It´s a definite plus for them to perform their Folk-ish Pagan Black Metal in their mother language, Ukrainian, providing more uniqueness and originality for their own musical crusade into the depths of the kind of genre they represent.
Band's sound have a great contrast that has been created between two vocalists. Katherine´s beautiful, even partly operatic vocals, added with Oleg´s more harsh, trollish Black Metal shrieks and snarls, create quite a setting together for a "good-against-evil" type of play on "Sita Rosa". As for the music itself, it´s thoroughly well-thought-out and strongly presented, in which all the instruments´ interaction with each other is in a good balance and harmony, none of the instruments taking too much precedence over the other instruments.
Natural Spirit delivers breath-taking, grand and heroic Slavonic Folk/Pagan Metal, enhanced with sweet, soaring, enchanting female vocals in the best Ukrainian folklore traditions.
As the album also contains great production, the clan of Natural Spirit can be very confident about their future since this whole Folk/Pagan Metal genre seems to be highly popular amongst Metalheads of all ages nowadays. A very good second album Natural Spirit anyway which they can sincerely be proud of!!
Recommended for fans of: Arkona, Kalevala, Alkonost, Pagan Reign and Lunarium!
CD comes packaged with OBI and beautiful 12-page booklet with info in Russian and English.
StormSpell Records, 2008/2009 (SSR-DL26). Made in USA. Pressed in Japan. Please note: although the CD is new and has never been played, there are light shabby on the disc surface.

1. Ros River     4:53 
2. Kladovest     4:21 
3. Dream     3:42 
4. Morok Rays     5:22 
5. Nailed Down     3:25 
6. Kupala     4:38 
7. Sita Rosa     4:28 
8. Diva     3:29 
9. Crossworld     3:33 
10. Lullaby     5:38 
11. Civilizacion     5:00
Total playing time: 48:29


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