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The second full-length album by Ukrainian Melodic Pagan/Folk Black Metal band.
Ruskolun is a legendary name of ancient Slavonic country which was firstly mentioned in book of Veles (Vedic book about Slavonic Ancient cult of Wolf). So album is conceptually dedicated to ancient Slavonic pagan mysteries and beliefs. Russian lyric conceptually
dedicated to ancient Slavonic mythology and battle history of Slavonic warriors.
Opener “Oyra (Vnukam Dazhdboga)” is short and sweet with less than three minutes (like four others on here) and it bears these typical lead guitar melodies and pairs them with the keyboards and gruff Black Metal vocals over a slow rhythm, a promising beginning.
There are two other tracks on “Ruskolun” that give the same feeling with very good dynamics and more guitars, which also adds more crunch while maintaining the characteristic lead guitars…
If you are a die-hard fan for the Slavic version of this style, then Natural Spirit has some excellent stuff to offer!
CD contains 3 bonus tracks, re-recorded from previous album, "Starthrone", as well as a video clip as a bonuses!
More Hate Prods, 2005 (MHP 05-036). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Ойра (Внукам Даждьбога) 
2. Легенда 
3. Бранный Путь 
4. Даль Грозовая 
5. Владимир 
6. Окрыленные Волей 
7. Русколунь 
8. Вещая Птица 
9. Жажда Власти
Bonus Tracks:
10. Звездный Трон
11. Черный Властелин
12. Щедривка


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