NARNIA "Enter The Gate" /CD/

The fifth full-length album by the Swedish Christian Progressive Neoclassical/Power Metal band.
This album offers more of what their previous releases delivered, a curious blend of '80s-vintage Pop Metal and faith-based lyrics. It's like the band were raised in a small locked room with only the recorded works of Stryper for company, because the most peculiar aspect of "Enter The Gate" isn't the fact that this is a Scandinavian Metal band not singing of bloody dismemberment, but how utterly state-of-1987 these tunes are. It isn't just Christian Rivel's vocals, which bear strong resemblance to both Ronnie James Dio and all of those other '80s Metal dudes who sounded an awful lot like Ronnie James Dio; all of the other tropes of the style, including the Yngwie Malmsteen-style high-register hammer-on solos and the curiously stiff, swing-free rhythm section, are equally present and accounted for.
In fact, this is truly the bands best effort to date! Simply put, this record shows a band as hungry as ever. Their passion for bringing the message of Truth to the Metal masses shows through in every way; the lyrics (the boldest they have ever delivered), the songwriting (stronger songs, a more consistent and balanced track list), the production (and mix for that matter) and the playing (the band sounds tight, and there is no denying how good these guys really are!). Just listen to the aggressive ending on "Another World" or the epic "The Man From Nazareth". Narnia and "Enter The Gate" will end up pretty high top 20 list for 2006!
Massacre Records/Mystic Empire/Mazzar Records, 2006 (MYST CD 129). Made in Russia.

1. Into This Game     4:36 
2. People Of The Bloodred Cross     4:37 
3. Another World     6:05 
4. Show All The World     5:09 
5. Enter The Gate     4:34 
6. Take Me Home     6:45 
7. This Is My Life     4:13 
8. Aiming Higher     5:09 
9. The Man From Nazareth     8:35
Total playing time: 49:43


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