NACHTFALKE "As The Wolves Died" /Ltd. GLP/

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Fourth full-length album by German Black/Viking Metal one man band.
Side-project of Occulta Mors from Moonblood! Bathory-inspired Viking Metal, mixed with pure Second Wave Black Metal!!
Another solid release from Germany's Nachtfalke. With this one band, the legacies of Bathory and Moonblood are carried on with pride and honour. The sound is unique, in that not heard any other band mix these styles. Rather than taking the folk-based approach and making something light and weak, Occulta Mors keeps his music rooted in Black Metal, never forgetting where he came from. This is an essential release for fans of this band or the style in general.
Limited Edition to 350 copies Blue Vinyl! Buy or die!!
Christhunt Productions, 2005 (CHP064). Made in Germany. Pressed in Czech. First press.


Side A:
1. Call From Udgaard 1:18
2. Wrath Of Old Gods 3:05
3. Let Me Die 8:02
4. Praise The War 4:45

Side B:
5. Midsummer 5:22
6. When The Wolves Return 3:46
7. Blood And Iron 9:47
8. Hail The Old Gods 2:42

Total playing time: 38:47 min.

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