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The third full-length album by the American Alternative Punk-Pop/Emo/Rock band.
At the heart of My Chemical Romance lore is the story of lead singer/songwriter Gerard Way, an animator who decided to abandon illustrations and do "something with his life" in the wake of 9/11. Needless to say, that "important" thing was My Chemical Romance, which quickly rose to prominence among the Emo and Neo-Punk bands that cluttered the Rock landscape of the 2000s.
"The Black Parade" is unabashed, old-fashioned concept album, complete with characters wandering through a vague narrative that concerns very big themes like death. Actually, death is the only big theme on "The Black Parade". 
My Chemical Romance shares a love of classic Metal that manifests itself in both pummeling riffs and soaring guitar solos, plus they also have a flair for melody, two things that give their solipsistic Rock muscle and grandeur. Despite all these, they're still a Modern Emo-Punk band, which means for all the emotion poured out by their ever-earnest lead singer.
"The Black Parade" is My Chemical Romance's magnum opus, epic and spectacular!!
CD comes with beautiful fold-out cover-poster.
Reprise Records, 2006 (44427-2). Used: very good.

1. The End 1:52
2. Dead! 3:15
3. This Is How I Disappear 3:59
4. The Sharpest Lives 3:20
5. Welcome To The Black Parade 5:10
6. I Don't Love You 3:58
7. House Of Wolves 3:04
8. Cancer 2:22
9. Mama 4:39
10. Sleep 4:43
11. Teenagers 2:41
12. Disencanted 4:55
13. Famous Last Words 4:59

Hidden Track:
14. Blood 2:53
Total playing time: 51:50

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