MÜTILATION “Desecrate Jesus’ Name” /CD/

Second bootleg by French Black Metal band.
Mutiilation is a one-man band that belonged to "The Black Legions" along with Vlad Tepes (Fra), Belketre, Brenoritvrezorkre and Torgeist, before being kicked out in 1996 due to Meyhna’ch’s problem with hard drugs (being a “junky”). However, Mutiilation is the only band that still exists out of the entity of the "The Black Legions".
CD features 7 tracks recorded live in Marseille, France, June, 23, 2001, as well as 5 tracks from "Ceremony Of The Black Cult" demo '93.
The Black Legions, 2011. Official bootleg.

"Live in Marseille, France 2001"
01. New False Prophet 06:46 
02. Transylvania 06:30 
03. The Eggs of Melancholy 05:05 
04. To the Memory of the Dark Countess 05:56 
05. Born Under the Masters Spell 05:18 
06. No Mercy for Humans 04:14 
07. Desecrate Jesus Name / Black as Lead and Death 10:59
"Ceremony Of The Black Cult" Demo 1993
08. Intro 04:19 
09. Desecrate Jesus Name 06:04 
10. As the Night Falls 05:43 
11. Sorcerer’s Land 07:11 
12. Under the Full Moon 06:10
Total playing time: 1:14:15

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