WATAIN “Sworn To The Dark” /CD/

Third full-length album by Swedish Black Metal band.
In a scene of countless carbon copies and soulless attempts to evoke the majesty of the ancient Black/Death Metal legacy, Watain stand solemn, alien, watching from the shadows, in genuine victorious sincerity.
After their critically acclaimed second release “Casus Luciferi” (Album of the Month in Terrorizer) and a successful two-month tour together with Dissection, Watain now present their third Black Metal monolith “Sworn to the Dark”. The band have established quite a reputation over the years, and now possess in their third full studio album, a forceful candidate for true universal acclaim, blended an energetic musicality with gut-wrenching guitar and drum attack.
The truth is, Watain was meant for this type of presentation.  Even back on "Rabid Death's Curse", the band was writing real songs with real hooks.  In other words, it wasn't going for the typical blastbeat drone or depressive haze.  Instead, Watain channeled the majestic melodies of early Dissection through ridiculously copious Satan worship.
"Sworn To The Dark" should convince any doubter of Black Metal's power.  It's heavy, it's fast and it's evil.  Jagged hooks slice through "Legions of the Black Light" and "Storm of the Antichrist"; the title track is a juggernaut of storming tremolo picking and mighty choruses.  "Underneath the Cenotaph" is a holy-shit assault of Blackened Thrash, while "The Serpent's Chalice" ends with somber Iron Maiden harmonies.  "Darkness and Death" stomps out grim, steel-toed chords; "Stellarvore" closes the casket with toms thundering out Death.  Once out of the studio, Watain is strictly blood-soaked business.
In Terrorizer's Secret History of Black Metal (issued in September 2009), it made the number 13 position on their list of "Black Metal's Top 40 Albums".
Watain stake their claim to Black Metal immortality!
Season Of Mist, 2007 (SOM 148). Made in France. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Legions Of The Black Light     8:04 
2. Satan's Hunger     6:46 
3. Withershins     1:02 
4. Storm Of The Antichrist     4:15 
5. The Light That Burns The Sun     7:04 
6. Sworn To The Dark     5:03 
7. Underneath The Cenotaph     4:12 
8. The Serpent's Chalice     6:42 
9. Darkness And Death     4:13 
10. Dead But Dreaming     2:05 
11. Stellarvore     8:17
Total playing time: 57:43

Samples:  http://seasonofmistcatalogue.bandcamp.com

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