VON BRANDEN "Scherben" /CD/

Debut full-length album by German Gothic/Black Metal band.
The band is called by the name of Solarian von Branden who formed the band and is the lead vocalist. They play Gothic/Black Metal with Ambient, Classical and Jazz Influences. There is a lot of experimenting with different styles.
If you don’t like female vocals or if you don’t like Gothic Metal then you will only like 3 or maybe 4 songs of the album, but if you like complex compositions with a lot of change and a very deep emotional background then you should definitely have a look at Von Branden. To enjoy this record it is probably necessary to listen to it several times, to let it unfold its potential.
Greyfall Records, 2007 (gf 006). Made in Germany.

1. Behind The Rain 06:13
2. Scherben 04:54
3. Ignoranzkult 06:09
4. Bitter Lies in Pure Dismay 02:56
5. Vergessen 05:36
6. Zwischen Welten 07:07
7. Consuming Life 05:57
8. Elend 06:14
9. Winter (Tori Amos Cover) 05:40
Total playing time: 50:46

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