UNLEASHED "Hell’s Unleashed" /Ltd. LP/

First re-release of the sixth full-length studio album by legendary Swedish Death Metal band.
"Hell's Unleashed" is maybe the perfect title for the first release after a five-year break from recording when it comes to Death Metal-pioneers. The album marks a turning-point in the band's career and is maybe the most underrated output up to date.
While most bands tend to strive for innovation and progression, Unleashed has never considered musical development a priority. These old-school Death Metallers have never changed much, and, as expected, "Hell's Unleashed" contains no surprises. What it does contain is fourteen tracks of groovy, old school Death Metal at it best!
Vocalist Johnny Hedlund's voice is very distinctive, mostly because he does more yelling than growling. The music is decent; they has done a new good rerecord. Displaying a Death Metal sound that can only be described as their very own, Unleashed envisions macabre rituals with Satan and other, lesser demons with undeniable joy. The remarkably heavy groove that highlights each and every song is unusual considering the genre Unleashed is thrown into, yet is evident on every count. Songs such as "Demoneater" and "Dissection Leftovers" paint morbid pictures in your imagination. "Hell's Unleashed" is exactly that, as the evil undertones prevail throughout this release and prove Unleashed is still finely in tune with their surroundings and continue reigning as one of the better Death Metal bands on the scene!!
Re-release from the original masters with the slightly improved artwork. Limited to 200 copies 180-gram black vinyl.
Century Media Records/Supreme Chaos Records, 2002/2017 (SCR-VL037-1). Made in Germany. Pressed in Czech.


Side A
1. Don't Want To Be Born 2:54
2. Hell's Unleashed 2:15
3. Demoneater 3:53
4. Fly Raven Fly 4:14
5. Mrs. Minister 3:00
6. Joy In The Sun 3:05
7. Demons Rejoice 3:07

Side B
1. We'll Come For You 3:07
2. Triggerman 2:34
3. Dissection Leftovers 2:46
4. Peace, Piece By Piece 1:58
5. Burnt Alive 4:01
6. Your Head Is Mine 3:31
7. Made In Hell 3:14
8. Ace Of Spades (Motörhead cover) 2:57 (Bonus track)

Total playing time: 46:36 min.

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