TURISAS "Stand Up And Fight" /CD/

Third full-length album by the Finnish Symphonic Pagan Folk Viking Metal band.
The biggest, boldest and most gloriously extravagant album of the band’s career, “Stand Up And Fight” erupts like the ultimate heavy metal musical, with many layers of orchestration and choral harmonies adding to these songs’ intense sense of drama and mischief. Although remaining true to the spirit of past TURISAS records, the new album, which was mixed by Jens Bogren (Opeth/Katatonia) at Fascination Street in Sweden, takes the Finns to a whole new level of depth and bravado, as their unmistakable sound expands before our very ears, consistently conjuring up vivid images of the Vikings’ ongoing adventures.
Musically, the band incorporated more progressive elements, as well as influences from such genres as the 1980s stadium rock. For the first time, real string and horn sections were used to record the album, adding to the dynamic sound.
Century Media Records/Fono Records, 2011 (FO849CD)

1.The March of the Varangian Guard 03:51
2.Take the Day! 05:26
3.Hunting Pirates 03:44
4.???????! - ????????! 03:49
5.Stand Up and Fight 05:28
6.The Great Escape 04:52
7.Fear the Fear 06:14
8.End of an Empire 07:17
9.The Bosphorus Freezes Over 05:38
Total playing time: 46:19

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