TORRENS CONSCIENTIUM “All Alone With The Thoughts” /CD/

The second full-length album by Ukrainian Atmospheric Doom Death Metal band.
The first official release by this young outstanding Doom Death Metal band includes seven compositions connected through a chain of various soul experiences induced by long stay in loneliness and reflection. Sumptuous, "All Alone with the Thoughts" is a surprisingly deft and mature debut. Panic fear and sense of persecution evolve to peace and solitude in order to come back. This emotional stream transforms to musical structure, in which oppressive, gloomy guitars and atmospheric keyboards landscapes alternate with rhythmic riffs intertwined with a powerful growl. This picture is enriched by dreamy guitar solos and acoustic interludes. 
Torrens Conscientium certainly aren’t doing anything particularly new on "All Alone With The Thoughts" and their brand of melodic, wistful Doom Metal is unlikely to find favour with the more obscure, funereal and ‘filthy’ side of the genre but what they have done here is create a cohesive, considered collection of well-composed songs. The band’s undeniable ability to pen a memorable melody is worth the time of anyone who has Swallow The Sun, Pantheist or Evadne CDs in their collections and the rich, warm sound of the album is suitably immersive. Nicely done!
Solitude Productions, 2014 (SP. 092-14). Made in Russia. First press. Golden disc.

1. When The Day Is Gone 4:00 
2. The Black Fog 7:53 
3. Immersion 8:01 
4. A Evening Behind 6:45 
5. Hitcher 8:20 
6. Being Lonely 8:40 
7. The Dawn 4:08
Total playing time: 47:47


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