THIRDMOON “Aquis Submersus” /CD/

Second full-length album by Austrian Dark Metal band.
This quintet has made a remarkable change of direction from their debut to their second album. Away from the super heavy, yet melodic Black Metal towards a mixture from the best parts of Black, Death, Thrash and Power Metal. Ultra heavy riff-attacks and harsh vocals run along great melodies and varied rhythm work. So you have real heavy attacks like "Carrion" or "Shadow" and also quite quiet parts as in the title-track and then again you have a song like "The Spirits Wept", which combines all the positive sides of the above-mentioned styles: great melodies, heavy riffs, hoarse vocals and a tight rhythm-section!
So if you want Metal really heavy, but still melodic, then the second opus of ThirdMoon is something for you!!
Napalm Records, 1999 (NPR058). Made in Austria. Pressed in Czech. First press.

1. Atlantis     6:46 
2. Scargod     6:26 
3. The Spirits Qept     6:35 
4. Aquis Submersus (Prologue)     1:08 
5. Aquis Aubmersus     5:23 
6. Farewell... In Welkin Dust     5:34 
7. Carrion     4:48 
8. Trascend The Second Twilight     5:30 
9. Trascend     1:19 
Bonus Tracks:
10. Shadow     4:53 
11. De Profundi     1:43
Total playing time: 50:05

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