THE CASUALTIES “Resistance” /CD/

The ninth full-length album by American Punk/Metal band.
Punk is not dead! The vicious new album from NYC’s Metal/Punk kings out now!
The Casualties have been the voice of the disenfranchised, the disillusioned and the dispossessed on this planet since their founding in the year 1990. With an impressive track record of eight studio full-lengths, three EPs and three live albums the band from New York City rose straight to the top of the US Punk scene and sold hundreds of thousands of albums.
The Casualties keep the spirit of early Street Punk as embodied by The Exploited, Sex Pistols and Charged GBH, which gained them a dedicated European fan-base as well. These street fighters are still angry and their album “Resistance” takes up their fight against injustice, police brutality and the corporate onslaught. “Resistance” fuels the anger of undiluted raw Punk with crunchy riffs and anthemic chants, which is coupled with the precise energy from Thrash and a melodic dose of Rock. Kick it!!
Season Of Mist, 2012 (SOM 264). Made in USA. First press.

1. My Blood. My Life. Always Forward 2:09
2. Behind Barbed Wire 1:45
3. Resistance 2:16
4. Modern Day Slaves 2:21
5. Warriors On The Road 2:35
6. Southeast Asian Rebels 2:02
7. Morality Police 2:31
8. Brick Wall Justice 1:55
9. Always Walk Alone 2:32
10. Constant Struggle 1:52
11. It's Coming Down On You 2:19
12. Life On The Line 1:50
13. No Hope 2:03 
14. Corazones Intoxicados 4:56
15. Voice Of The Outcast 2:56
Total playing time: 36:02


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