THALARION LATI "Thalarion Lati" /CD/

Re-release of the debut and only one full-length album 2006 by Russian Black Metal band.
Old School Trashing Black Metal. Musically similar to Bloodrain and Toxic Holocaust.
CD includes new bonus track - cover of Elisabeth Bathory (with guest appearence of Bloodrain frontman), and booklet with all lyrics.
Heretic Sounds, 2007 (HS-01)

2.Bетер (A Wind)
3.Святая Вода (Holy Water)
4.Ave Satanas!
5.Твой Идол Мёртв (Your Idol Is Dead)
6.Плеть Искупления (Lash of Redemption)
7.Орудие Твоих Желаний (Tool of Your Desires)
8.Река (A River)
09.Elizabeth Bathory (Tormentor cover)

Samples: http://www.lastfm

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