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Debut full-length album by Melodic Black Metal band from Germany.
Epic but agressive and Progressive as well as Technical Black Metal.
For fans of Dimmu Borgir, Arcturus, Katatonia and Borknagar.
Black Attakk, 2004 (BA 026)

1.Preludium 02:15
2.Erased by Light 04:15
3.Creations of Mine 05:38
4.Paths (...of a Forgotten Time) 06:41
5.In Silence I Die 05:58
6.Durch das Geast 05:00
7.Vampiric Dances 08:55
8.Something from the North 08:01
9.Lost 04:24
10.The Sound of Horns 11:22
Total playing time: 01:02:29

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