SUIDIDAL VORTEX “My Existence: A Series Of Thoughts Amidst Infinitive Darkness” /CD/

Black Metal from Germany.
Suicidal Vortex is a side project from Terminal Spirit member EXORD and ex-member (from the SEELENTANZ era) DIS-CONNECTED-MESSIAH
The sound of Suicidal Vortex includes sterile guitars, hammering drums, propulsive bass and inhumanly screams (+growls). 12 songs, schizoid, fast, with drifting feelings and drowning moments! Total soul destruction!
Affliced Phonica Arts, 2008 (APA 001)

1.Ekpyrosis 03:54
2.Mind Of Thorns 04:42
3.The Voice 05:09
4.Come, Swallow Me Darkness... 03:51
5.The Missing Page 04:41
6.The Loss 06:51
7.Trespass The Vortex 04:01
8.And Then... Blessed Oblivion 07:28
Total playing time: 40:37

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