SUICIDE WATCH “Figure Head Of Pain” /CD/

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The second full-length album by British Thrash Metal/Crossover band.
Remastered re-release on CD of the digital album 2009 with bonus demo and live tracks.
The second Suicide Watch album sought to consolidate the growing reputation these Brits had earned with their "Global Warning" debut. Featuring two former members of UKHC diehards Stampin’ Ground, this ferocious quartet play Thrash Metal with a dirty, pugilistic edge, eschewing the Hardcore Crossover leanings of their modern US counterparts and focusing on a thrillingly British take on the genre that, for all its precise belligerence, owes a subtle spiritual debt to the muscular but raw Punk Rock blitzkrieg of Slaughter And The Dogs and One Way System.
"Death Support System" and "Make No Mistake" exhibit a mastery of the riffs, hooks and pinpoint rhythmic about-turns that have long made the best Thrash Metal such a visceral joy. The whole thing sounds oddly timeless, too, the original album’s unfussy production job enhanced by a deft remastering job.
This reissue features four bonus studio cuts and some endearingly grubby live material, all of which slays like Saint George on cheap street speed.
A must for all fans of UK Thrash Metal!!
Mosh Tuneage, 2009/2013 (MTCD9988). Made in UK. First press.

1. Figure Head Of Pain
2. Death Support System
3. Citadel
4. This Cursed Earth 
5. Stare Not Into The Abyss...
6. Make No Mistake
7. Hell In Reverse
8. Within These Walls
9. Words Written In Blood
10. Death Becomes Us
11. Hero Of A Thousand Faces
Bonus tracks:
12. Fuck You And Your God
13. Fate In Motion
14. Dig Your Own Grave (Sacrilege cover)
15. Caffeine Pills And Surgical Tape
16. Despair Of Another Dawn / Global Warning / Broken Back Of Democracy / Inexorable / Night Winter Death / In The Mouth Of Madness (Live)
Total playing time: 70:58 min.

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