SUICIDE “One of Your Neighbours” /CD/

Debut full-length album of Death Metal band from Turkey.
The band plays pure brutal death metal in the vein of the great Morbid Angel and Malevolent Creation.
Selfreleased, 2004

1.Buried Alive 03:09
2.Struggle That Never Ends 02:30
3.One Of Your Neighbours 02:26
4.Hell Star 03:17
5.Spiritual Mess 02:25
6.Crimson River 03:08
7.Gore 02:40
8.Mud 05:00
9.Terror Preached 03:40
10.Sole War 03:26
11.Worms Stuck On A Sphere 04:17
12.Suicide Pact 05:00
13.Virtual Realm 03:17
14.Merchants Of Misery 03:40
Total playing time: 47:55

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