SUBLIME EYES “Dawn of the Defiant” /Cardsleeve CD/

Melodic Death Metal band from Norway. Their music is based on melodic but at the same time groove-infused guitar riffs, they are not brutal, nor aggressive, more on the path Dark Tranquility or Arch Enemy opened some years ago. Just good debut full-length!
Selfreleased, 2010

1.Empty Symbols 03:23
2.Forever And A Day 03:13
3.Sea Of Dreams 03:33
4.The Vulture 02:57
5.Neutralized 04:08
6.Our Sky Is Scorched 02:30
7.Pregnant With Pollution 02:42
8.Silverblade 04:03
Bonus tracks:
9.Acid Soil 03:32
10.Fading Lights 03:22
11.Your Destruction 02:42
12.Zero Our Numbers 02:50
Total playing time: 38:55

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