STRANA OFFICINA “Rising To The Call” /Digipack CD/

The third full-length album by cult Italian Heavy Metal band.
The cult band of 80’s Underground returns with the new album!
In the 80s Strana Officina had something like an insider status in Italy. They was one of a few Italian bands to surface in the early eighties, with a debut EP in 1984 and a couple other releases later in the decade.
Sadly, two core members of the band, brothers Fabio and Roberto Cappanera, were killed in a car crash in 1993, which of course was a serious blow to the band. However, in what must be one of the more uplifting stories in Metal, the sons of the two men (Dario, son of Fabio, and Rolando, son of Roberto) eventually joined with original members Enzo Mascolo and Daniele Ancillotti, and the band was back in action in honor of the two fathers, the sons even playing the same instruments as their dads did!
In 2007 "The Faith" album was released, a really strong effort to show the old songs new recorded with a better sound. This album is as recommended as the original albums.
In 2008 the band made the error to sign with the rip-off guy Alessandro from Molten Metal Productions/Wild Side Music for an LP-rerelease of the old albums. The owner of this "label" not only ripped off the band but also all distributors and mailorders, so this 2008 LP-rerelease is nothing more than a hard to get bootleg.
For luck Strana Officina in 2010 went back to MyGraveyard Records and "Rising To The Call" is again a great album recommended to all fans of Melodic Heavy Metal.From the vocals to the musical ability, from sound to songwriting, the album is for sure Italys strongest Metal release in 2010 so far, so all other bands have a peak to climb! Highly recommended!!
My Graveyard Productions, 2010 (MGP-058). Made in Italy. First press.

1. In Rock We Trust 3:48
2. Boogeyman 4:08
3. Pyramid 5:24
4. Nightflyer 4:33
5. Beat The Hammer 3:56
6. Gone Tomorrow 3:53
7. Life: When Is Gone! 4:23
8. Media Messiah 4:09
9. Amore E Fuoco 3:37
10. Non Sei Normale 6:52
Total playing time: 44:43


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