STONEHENGE (Ru) “Victims Gallery” /CD/

Re-release of the debut full-length album by the cult Russian Doom Metal band.
The first band of Lazar and Kniaz of Arkona!
Severe canonical Death/Doom Metal in the best traditions of the genre. Powerful growl, viscous riffs, excellent tandem of drummer and bassist, little keyboards. Along to great stuff, flawless performance and high-quality recording, the album listen completely normal today and does not look anachronistic in the framework of conservative Doom Metal genre. "Victims Gallery" - one of the best domestic Doom/Death Metal albums of mid 90s!
Re-edition is dedicated to the memory of the band's drummer Dmitry "DM" Kosterev (1975-2004).
For fans of My Dying Bride, Tiamat, Anathema and all Doom Metal maniacs in general!
Wroth Emitter Productions, 1996/2005 (W.E. 008). Made in Russia.

1. 4000 Years Ago 01:50
2. Notre-Dame de Paris 05:57
3. In Hell 04:59
4. Blind Pain 09:49
5. Town of Silence / Voice from the Past 10:34
6. Emily 06:07
7. Goddess Meetra's Victim 10:08
8. ... 01:55
Total playing time: 51:19


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