STEEL PROPHET “Book Of The Dead” /Digipack CD/

Remastered re-release of the fifth full-length album by the cult American Progressive Power Metal band.
The band of Steve Dachinsky was initially formed in the early 80's under the moniker Hard Prophet. As the years went by, Steve changed the band's name into Steel Prophet and released a demo called "Inner Ascendance" in 1990 which indicated the great potential of the band. The band released six albums during the 90's and one in the year 2000.
"Book Of The Dead" is their next album, which hoppingly for the band will make some people (who ignored them) take a better look at their work. It's a dynamic Heavy/Power Metal album with twelve tracks spinning around ancient Egypt's atmospherical theme (as most of you know, "Book of the Dead" was like a bible in ancient Egypt). So the theme of the whole album is actually pretty attracting for starters!
Rick Mythiasin's vocals vary in most of the songs and that's a great plus in the album. Not much to say about the guitars as Steve Kachinsky simply is a great guitar player and he's been around for almost 20 years! The Bass is fine, nothing special but fine. Karl Roqvist is quite a good drummer and he keeps the basic structure well together. He's powering like hell in some songs, he goes dynamically and slow in others and generally in a few plain words he's great.
Some people say that the song "Escaped" is like Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" or "Hallowed Be Thy Name", because of a particular riff in the song. It might remind you slightly of Iron Maiden but guitar chords aren't owned by anyone.
"Book Of The Dead" is a great Power/Heavy Metal album by some guys who know how to play, so don't turn your back on it. Give it shot, you'll like it!!
Digitally 24-Bit remastered re-edition on 24kt Gold CD!
Nuclear Blast GmbH/Metal Mind Productions, 2001/2008 (MASS CD 1229 DG). Made in Poland.

1. When Six Was Nine 3:46
2. Tragic Flaws 3:53
3. Escaped 4:04
4. Soleares 0:37
5. Church Of Mind 5:47
6. Burning Into Blackness 6:50
7. The Chamber 0:31
8. Locked Out 4:00
9. Ruby Dream (Faith And Hope) 1:15
10. Phobia 5:13
11. Anger Seething 4:24
12. Oleander 0:26
Total playing time: 40:46

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