STATION DYSTHYMIA "Overhead, Without Any Fuss, The Stars Were Going Out" /CD/

Second full-length album by Russian Extreme Funeral Doom Metal band.
The long awaited full length album from Siberian band rises this conservative genre to a higher level. Inheriting the album name from the "The Nine Billion Names of God" by Arthur C. Clarke this unpredictable album crafted in traditions of Funeral Doom inters the area of science fiction combining musical genre with fictional scientific theories. The musicians themselves treat the main idea of the album as perspective of human personal tragedy at the background of the tragedy of human society as a whole which tends to self-destruction. This is the band’s vision of the story of the World’s end: solid guitar sound combined with growl in different emotional tones draw the senses of mankind fallen into apathy and drifting towards self-destruction.
The dark soundscapes were created with help of Greg Chandler from Esoteric who performed mastering at his studio in UK, M. Hater and I. Stellarghost from Abstract Spirit appeared as guest musicians!
Solitude Productions, 2013 (SP. 074-13). Made in Russia.

1. A Concrete Wall     34:43 
2. Ichor     18:28 
3. Starlit: A Rude Awakening     09:30 
4. Starlit: We Rest at Last     09:40
Total playing time: 72:21

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