SOULCAGE “Soul For Sale” /CD/

The second full-length album by the Finnish Melodic Progressive Rock/Metal band.
Radio-friendly Metal is always a tricky thing and when not done properly can sound like the musical equivalent of non-alcoholic beer. "Soul For Sale" is a pretty decent offering plenty of good stompin' tunes like the thumping "Send In The Clowns" or the Faith No More-ish "I See". 
Soulcage performs some interesting blend focusing on melodies, pompous keyboards, and some dark atmosphere creating a veil of emotional infusion but also classic Rock elements baking more straightforward parts. "Soul For Sale" is a very versatile collection of different elements that should feel either like an innovative style of Hard Rock or a jumbled bag of ambitious ideas, depending on your preferences. The best songs here are the ones where the band has reached beyond the “easier-to-digest” mid-tempo Rock song and dared to bring their Prog influences to the forefront. Soulcage has found a more solid mix between the very different worlds of Rock they dabble in here.
This album is – in terms of intensity – quite mild in total; rancid Metalheads should avoid. While, it boasts personality and enough of artistic dignity from a band whose hard work is more than obvious (the production is impressive). Even if all numbers feature some level of complexity in the making, the result sounds quite radio and memory friendly. Mostly for fans of modern Melodic Rock/Metal!
Hellas Records Oy, 2009 (HLRCD004). Made in Finland. Pressed in Germany. First press.

1. Flaming Flowers (Send In The Clowns) 3:11
2. I See 3:02
3. My Canvas, My Skin 3:19
4. Ride On 2:54
5. Until You Find Me 4:16
6. Satellite Children 3:34
7. Bleeding 3:11
8. Origin 4:05
9. Stranger In You 3:02
10. You Get So Alone 3:37
11. Mia 5:29
Total playing time: 39:40


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