SONIC ALTAR “No Sacrifice” /CD/

Japanese re-release of the debut full-length album by the Progressive Heavy/Power Metal band from New Zeeland.
Channeling the Roots of Hard Rock and Metal with a revitalized sound, Sonic Altar brings a unique musical experience to a stagnating Metal scene. Sonic Altar is a band that worships Heavy music and strives to give the audience something to remember at every live show. The band blends crunching riffs, thundering drums, solid bass and infectious melodies all with a modern sound. Sonic Altar is here to start a revolution in Metal. Touches of Prog Metal, some glimpses of Gothic imagery, great riffs, great melodies, fantastic axe-work and kickass vocals! Extremely professional recording, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Dio must all be huge influences. The album will cater to all Heavy Metal fans! Could have been bland and generic, but sounds so classy, so brilliant that it stands out way above average! Excellent stuff!!
Produced by Mike Exeter of Cradle of Filth, Heaven and Hell, Glenn Hughes, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest acclaim.
Japanese re-edition comes with OBI and includes two bonus tracks!
Spiritual Beast Co., Ltd., 2011/2012 (IUCP-16108). Made in Japan.

1. Tears for the Fallen 
2. Window of Time 
3. The Guardian 
4. Deserts of Despair 
5. In the Night 
6. Mercy 
7. The Shadow 
8. A Year in the Flames 
9. Holy Suicide 
10. Welcome to the Dream 
11. The Underground 
12. Children of the Lost
Bonus Tracks:
13. Street Kings (2009 DEMO)
14. Soul Surrender (2009 DEMO)


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