SOMNUS "Awakening The Crown" /CD/

Debut full-length album by American Black/Gothic Metal Band from Cleveland, Ohio.
Dark, somewhat atmospheric, “Awakening The Crown” is an album that you experience rather than just listen to. Using keyboards intelligently - that is you can hear them but they are not overused like some bands tend to do - and with occasional female vocals (the keyboardist is female) either in duo with the main vocalist or occasionally signing or speaking a passage. The sound is a little orchestral at times and the song arrangements are very well done - not one song is bad.
This band has nothing to envy to Scandinavian Black Metal bands and those who ditch U.S. Black Metal better take a second look at this one, they just don't know what they're missing. A very impressive debut album.
The Root Of All Evil, 1999 (ROE:019)

1.Unfulfilled Prophecy 05:39
2.A Calling of Arms 00:49
3.The Alchemist 05:30
4.Forever the Serpent 05:30
5.Beyond the Shores 05:32
6.Envy of the Seraph 05:26
7.Lair (Of the Wendol) 05:47
8.Within 04:49
9.Fulfilling the Throne 04:13
10.The New Beginning 00:54
Total playing time: 44:09

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