SIEGE OF HATE (S.O.H.) “Subversive By Nature” /CD/

European release of the of the debut full-length album by Brazilian Death Metal/Grindcore band.
Siege Of Hate manages to create the perfect merger of Hardcore rooted Grind and Metal entrenched Death/Thrash. The result is mostly a Death Metal album with some enjoyable riffs and a bit of energy.
Each of the 20 tracks on offer flies at the listener with the same velocity as a round shot from a high caliber weapon (they're about as deadly as well). S.O.H. has a raw and unbridled feel yet the band executes everything with precision and deftness.
Grinding/Crossover bomb! Terrorizer meets DRI!! Fans of Death Metal with that 80s-Thrash socio-political lyrical bent should like this!!!
New Aeon Media, 2003 (NAM012). Made in Netherlands. Pressed in UK. First press.

1. Say Your Prayers 01:51
2. Subversive by Nature 01:21
3. From the Top to the Fall 00:54
4. The Walls Built Inside Us 02:03
5. Nightmares of War 01:10
6. The Choosen Ones 00:49
7. Fake 01:49
8. Obscene Truth 00:41
9. Downfall 03:01
10. Trust 00:17
11. Siege of Hate 01:47
12. Forthcoming Holocaust 00:56
13. Martyr of Fools 01:01
14. Fairyland 01:27
15. The Future Is Your Gift 03:15
16. This Is for Real 00:22
17. Self-Defense Contradictions 01:25
18. No Religion (D.R.I. cover) 03:09
19. Misleaders 00:47
20. U.S.A. 03:27
Total playing time: 31:32

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