SIEBENBÜRGEN "Darker Designs & Images" /CD/

Fifth full-length album by Swedish Melodic Black Metal band.
Siebenburgen has a particular aura about them that is much different than many bands that meld Black Metal and Gothic overtones. They have advanced greatly in terms of songwriting, yet they still possess the raw vibe that fans enjoyed so much on “Delictum.” But on “Darker Designs And Images”, the band branches out into wider arrangements and relies a bit more on allowing the melody to carry each tune, however grim it may be. As “Darker Designs” fades in with an evil chant, one has the impression that they are going to be in for a great album if they have any inkling of the band’s previous material. At this point, Siebenburgen launch into a full on Black Metal assault that morphs further into a grim take on more traditional Heavy Metal. Marcus Ehlin has a cool sounding snarl that adds a dour feeling to songs like “Rebellion” and “A Crimson Coronation,” where Erika Roos puts in a haunting female vocal performance. The fact that Siebenburgen continue to produce continually better records beckons well for the future, but for now, “Darker Designs And Images” stands as Siebenburgen’s masterpiece effort thus far!!
Napalm Records Handels GmbH, 2005 (NPR 171). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Darker Designs 01:35
2. Rebellion 04:52
3. As Legion Rise 04:00
4. Crimson Coronation 04:53
5. Skuggor 04:02
6. Born Under A Black Sun 05:22
7. Of Blood And Magic 03:26
8. Remnants Of Ruin 04:34
9. Harvest For The Devil 05:15
10. Forged In Flames 05:09
11. Summoner Of The Unseen 03:29
Total playing time: 46:37

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