SEVEN "Break The Chains" /CD/

The debut and only full-length album by Swedish Melodic Heavy Metal band.
This album is emotional and very moody for a change, and overall it's very good. It can't really be compared to any other band and have created their own genre with "Break the Chains".
Loud N’ Proud Records, 1999 (LNP 005). Made in Sweden. First press.

1.Silence My Voice 05:45
2.Break the Chains 04:31
3.Bleeding 04:21
4.Darkened Eyes 05:18
5.Today the March Begins 02:51
6.One with the Land 07:56
7.Eternal Conflicts 06:09
8.Crying in the Wind 04:58
9.Black Circle 05:05
10.United 06:08
Total playing time: 53:02

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