SCULPTOR “Pact With The Doomed” /Digipack CD/

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The second full-length album by the Russian Death/Doom Metal one man band.
Brand new long-awaited opus by Sculptor, a master of dark and depressed moods. The album contains 1 instrumental track and 6 complete songs with the length varied from 10 to 17 minutes. Stylistically it is Death/Doom Metal with truly a funeral atmosphere which is rarely even in Funeral Doom Metal.
During the listening such length of tracks seems to be justified – the music abounds with dissonant acoustic interludes, powerful Death Metal riffs etc.
It is perhaps one of the darkest examples of Death Doom Metal with the original uncompromising mournful atmosphere!
Darknagar Records, 2013 (DNR 018). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Into the Deceitful Twilight of Bliss
2. The Grief Is Dumb 12:10
3. The Spleen 13:25
4. To the Lamenting Ones 17:20
5. Expanse of Devastation 10:20
6. Pact with the Doomed 11:17
7. In the Call of the Walls 11:21
Total playing time: 79:19


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