SCHATTENVALD “Der Winterkönig” & “Nachtvolk” /Digipack CD/

First official EP by German Symphonic Black Metal band.
"Der Winterkönig" is an EP with three songs made for a Split-CDr with Franconian band Lord Astaroth from 2011, that never really happened. So, band decided to release those songs as an EP together with the songs from "Nachtvolk" Tape (2002) as bonus, to have more "value for money".
The bonus-song "Tale of Asgards foray" was recorded 2001. It is quite different to everything that came later on.
Excellent Experimental Symphonic Black Metal with Folk touches! Check in out!!
Kristallblut Records/Obscure Abhorrence Productions, 2016 (KBR018). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Der Winterkönig (Teil 1) 05:05
2. Einzig die Stimmen verstummen nicht 11:07
3. Der Winterkönig (Teil 2) 11:50
4. Im Nachtenschein* 06:26
5. Mitternacht* 05:51
6. Der Nachteswanderer* 05:05
7. Tale of Asgard's Foray** 06:19
Total playing time: 51:43 min.


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