S.C.A.L.P. "Chuzhaya Voina" /CD/

"Chuzhaya Voina" of S.C.A.L.P. - one of the oldest metal bands in Russia,
opening a band from different side. As result of experiments with different
styles of metal, band got new, more hard and aggressive sound,
but in same time, it didn’t lose atmosphere of sorrow and melancholy,
which was constant part of previous works of band.
BadMoonMan/WrothEmitter/Fantazone Sound Inc., 2009 (FS-003)

1.Rassvet 02:03
2.Skvoz Stenu 04:44
3.Chuzhaya Voina 06:16
4.Teni (Tvoi Mir...) 04:55
5.Zhazhda 05:21
6.Kto 05:41
7.Solnce Mertvih 05:31
8.Za Gorizont I 01:45
9.Za Gorizont II 04:12
10.The Last (Bonus Track) 04:16

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