SAVERS "Victory's In Sight" /CD/

Epic Power Metal in the vein of MANOWAR’s “Battle Hymns”!!
The history of SAVERS began in 1998, when four Italian warriors came together to create Metal on the highest level. Every listener will certainly agree that there’s no other band that appears to be influenced by MANOWAR to that extent, nonetheless, SAVERS are not just a good copy but are always keeping to their own distinct style. The stylish copperplate cover provides an additional attraction for every fan of True Epic Metal.
Iron Glory Records, (IG 1007)

1.Way to Asgard 03:24
2.Will o' the Wisp 04:00
3.King of the Poors 05:48
4.Victory's in Sight 03:57
5.Never Savers Die 05:21
6.Colosseum (Enter the Arena) 04:27
7.The Myth 04:59
8.Everything Turns Black 05:10
9.Savers 03:46
Total playing time: 40:52

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