SACRED REICH "Independent" /CD/

The third full-length album by the cult American Thrash Metal band.
Sacred Reich was a second-tier Thrash band that formed in Phoenix, Arizona in 1985. Despite coming up in a crowded genre, by 1993 the Sacred Reich had released two exceptional albums and participated in some extensive tours, thereby claiming their spot in Thrash Metal history.
The album does boast a couple memorable moments, with the opener "Independent" being hands-down the best track on the record. The title track displays the energy the band is known for and contains some catchy riffing and fantastic soloing. Another stand-out track is the similar "Supremacy" that does a good job capturing the heavier side of the album. What little variation the record does show comes from an epic ballad of sorts called "I Never Said Goodbye" that showcases a more melodic and slow style than anything the band had ever done before, and it is quite enjoyable in its own right.
The band still retains the same approach to lyrical content and subject matter. Politically charged songs with bitter and confrontational lyrics about social issues are abundant, albeit with a much less sharper edge than in the past.
The album as a whole can be quite tame in comparison to the aggression found one the band's other works, and the intense approach to songwriting is a thing of the past. This is a departure from the band's classic Thrash Metal style, with going into a new, 90's Metal direction.
Hollywood Records/Metal Blade Records, 1993 (HR-61369-2). Made in USA. First press. Used: very good.

1.Independent 3:38
2.Free 4:34
3.Just Like That 5:42 
4.Supremacy 2:37
5.If Only 3:46
6.Crawling 6:30 
7.Pressure 2:47
8.Product 3:44 
9.I Never Said Goodbye 7:46
10.Open Book 4:21
11.Do It 2:24
Total playing time: 47:43


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