RUPTURE CHRIST "Molesting The Entrails Of The Disembowled" /CD/

brutal guttural death metal from USA
Sevared Rec., 2008 (SR-064)

1.Intro (Malevolence through Molestation) 02:10
2.Fetus Fucker 03:39
3.Sludge Oozing Slop Hole 02:57
4.Pus Filled Pussy 04:56
5.Oozing Vaginal Discharge (Lividity cover) 02:59
6.Penetrating Pre-School Pussy 04:24
7.Invading the Placenta 05:13
8.Discharging Parasite Infested Feces 04:17
9.Macaroni and Afterbirth 04:48
10.Gorged on Innards 02:25
11.Cum Ready Cock 02:21

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