RITUAL CARNAGE “I, Infidel” /Digipack CD/

The fourth full-length album by Japanese Thrash Metal band.
Following an extended three-year break that left a good many fans worried about the band's future, Japanese-American thrashers Ritual Carnage eventually returned with their fourth album in 2005. Of course, the band's sonic assault isn't entirely retro, but rather founded on the genre's hallowed origins, and then pushed to overdrive by modern studio technology for a sludgy, almost Death Metal-like wall of sound, never dreamt of by the original Bay Area bands. But make no mistake, regardless of their occasional mislabeling under the "Death" column, Ritual Carnage are a True Thrash band in most every way!!
Dan Montgomery's new "singing" technique might be an acquired taste, but there's no denying that its nasal, atonal shouting quality - in a John Connelly (Nuclear Assault) or Sean Killian (Vio-Lence) mold - is perhaps even more legitimately old-school Thrash than his former Chuck Billy (Testament) growl. No guarantees, in other words, where that item is concerned, but plenty of them when it comes to the cleverly named Eddie Van Koide's frenzied riffs, some of which are so damn great they'd make Slayer jealous. As for the overall grade of "I, Infidel", the massive display of Thrash Metal riffing it contains is unquestionably impressive. Instrumentally, this album is one of the strongest Thrash albums of the year. The variety among the tracks is impressive on its own, and everything is very well-executed. The guitar lines are particularly bold, experimenting with different moods, styles and cadences while never losing a deep, Death Metal edge; the solos are also a good display of skill from Eddie Van Koide and Wataru Yamada. And Naoya Hamaii's drumming is a wide-ranging and solid base.
This is true excellent release! Recommended for fans of early Testament!!
CD contains OBI.
If Thrash Metal was a religion, so this stuff was obviously not for the infidels. And, there's no place for the infidels to enjoy this blessed-creation, unless they swear to repent, re-baptize themselves, and revert to the right path of Thrash soul!!!
Osmose Productions, 2005 (OPCDL 170). Made in France. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Imprisoned Secret     0:04 
2. The Perfect Strain     3:07 
3. I, Infidel     3:04 
4. Thirst For Blood     3:21 
5. These Chains     0:10 
6. Do Not Resuscitate     5:01 
7. Axiom     3:14 
8. Straight To The Nether Regions     3:08 
9. Room 101     3:18 
10. Twiglight Of The All Too Human     2:37 
11. Terror Ends Here     3:51 
12. I Am War     4:08
Total playing time: 35:03

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