RAVEN “Wiped Out” /LP/

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Re-release of the second full-length studio album by legendary British Heavy Metal band.
“Wiped Out” was released just a few months after Raven’s acclaimed debut “Rock Until You Drop” in order to ride the wave of success for this power trio of NWOBHM.
A blasting collection of 12 new songs that maintain the freshness of their Judas Priest inspired debut. If you're a Metalhead who has never experienced the bombastic, Judas Priest-influenced pleasures of Raven, it's best to cut to the chase and go directly to the British headbangers' most essential and enduring output. That means skipping Raven's inferior Atlantic work and starting out with its early recordings. 1981's "Rock Til You Drop" is Raven's best album, but 1982's "Wiped Out" runs a close second. When guitarist Mark Gallagher, drummer Rob Hunter, and the Rob Halford-influenced lead singer John Gallagher rip into such blistering, ferocious classics as "Star War", "Fire Power", "Battle Zone", and "Live at the Inferno", you're hearing a band that was very much in its prime and had yet to lose any of its freshness, imagination, or vitality.
"Rock Til You Drop" and "Wiped Out" are definitely the gems to start out with!
In 2005, “Wiped Out” was ranked number 495 in Rock Hard Magazine's book of “The 500 Greatest Rock & Metal Albums of All Time”.
Earmark (Get Back/Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.)/Abraxas Srl, 1982/2002 (41038). Made in Italy. 180g vinyl.


Side One
1. Faster Than The Speed Of Light 4:24
2. Bring The Hammer Down 4:19
3. Fire Power 3:02
4. Read All About It 3:08
5. To The Limit/To The Top 7:54
6. Battle Zone 3:34

Side Two
7. Live At The Inferno 3:57
8. Star War 5:35
9. UXB 3:22
10. 20/21 1:36
11. Hold Back The Fire 5:51
12. Chain Saw 5:14

Total playing time: 51:56 min.


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