RAUTA “Haudanmaa” /CD/

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Debut full-length album by the Finnish Progressive Folk Rock/Metal band.
Finland's Rauta (which means "Iron") are a fantastic act that sings in Finnish, and Firebox Records introduce them to the world on this debut.
The band started to write their first material in 2003 which resulted in their debut album "Haudanmaa". Musically Rauta has several influences; most present are, next to Folk, Progressive Rock and Metal. This together results in a great mixture that goes from Metal to Rock to Folk and even some Jazz sometimes. Especially songs like "Liian Kaukana", "Veren Perintö" and "Morsian Pukeutuu Keltaiseen" give a special feeling with great compositions and variety of instruments.
Lyrically it’s of course not easy to follow but thanks to the great crystal clear production that gave every instrument some space to breath most of the vocals are good to hear. The lyrics handle subjects with a certain criticism against progress and the decadence of the western society, on the other hand they lean heavily on longing for nature, which is something that comes back very often in the Finnish folklore.
This is great album with beautiful compositions! A must for fans of: Lumsk, Korpiklaani, Orplid and the non-Metal elements of Vintersorg!!
Firebox, 2007 (FIRECD-046). Made in Finland. Pressed in Poland.

1. Soturi 6:29
2. Jukolan Talossa 4:08
3. Veren Perintö 4:28
4. Pimeä Jää 4:44
5. Liian Kaukana 5:34
6. Haudanmaan Polska 4:53
7. Tulenkantajat Ja Sateentekijät 3:35
8. Morsian Pukeutuu Keltaiseen 4:42
9. Laulumailla 4:06
10. Varjokuvia 5:05
11. Varjokuvia 6:34
Total playing time: 54:18

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