POSSESSOR "City Built With Skulls" /CD/

The debut full-length album by American Thrash Metal band.
Possessor is a Thrash/Speed Metal band from Suffolk, Virginia and they promised old school Thrash. And they deliver us 13 tracks totally dedicated to the glorious days of Thrash Metal!
"City Built With Skulls" starts with a prophetical intro speaking of Earth’s demise, painting a landscape of devastation ravaged by famine and war which then leads into "Fire from Hell" a very good Thrash song, really intense and aggressive. The rest of the album follows with the same idea, very fast and aggressive songs, made for headbanging and moshing, with special mention to the song "Heavy Metal Underground" an ode to the Underground of Metal!
Intense, violent tunes with wild leads and razor sharp guitar riffs, sometimes on neckbreaking speed but yet some skilled tempo changes. The quintet also tries to keep the album varied as much as possible by integrating cool gang shouts and some variation in the vocal department. Singer Robby Rainey combines aggressive Thrash vocals with high pitch screams which we all know from many mighty US Metal bands. An awesome mix - like US Metal on stereoids. The talent is there as well as the right attitude. So this squad truly belongs to the stronger acts of the new generation of that style. The feeling and atmosphere is also quite authentic and really breathes the spirit of the long gone past. "City Built With Skulls" makes a lot of fun to listen to and excellent tracks like "Champions Of Chaos", "Metal Meltdown" or the great title track prove this with class and generate a lot of energy.
This is a very strong debut album for these American Thrashers, although it doesn’t have anything new or special to offer, it can appeal to fans of old school brutal and aggressive Thrash Metal! If you are a Thrasher and worship the 80s you can't do anything wrong by adding this cool album to your collection!!
Slaney Records, 2012 (Slaney 012). Made in Ireland. First press.

1. Intro 0:59
2. Fire From Hell 3:06
3. Taste The Blade 3:06
4. Heavy Metal Underground 2:37
5. City Built With Skulls 2:56
6. Hammer And Nails 3:49
7. Hellbound Drifters 5:11
8. Champions Of Chaos 5:51
9. Slicer Intro 1:04
10. Slicer 4:42
11. Reaper Of Death 4:59
12. Metal Meltdown 2:33
13. Outro 1:00
Total playing time: 41:53

Samples: http://slaneyrecords.bandcamp.com

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